Our Services

The passing of a loved one

When a loved one dies, contacting the doctor immediately is important. If a doctor is satisfied as to the cause of death, a death certificate will be issued. If the doctor is not satisfied as to the cause of death, he will contact the local coroner, who decides if a post mortem is necessary. All sudden deaths are, by law, subject to a coroner post mortem. No arrangements can be made until clearance has been given and the body discharged, this usually happens within 24 hours. You can then contact your preferred undertaker and funeral arrangements can be made.

Coffin or casket selection

At Kielys we have a very substantial coffin and casket showroom, including traditional and eco-friendly coffins. Families are welcome to visit our showroom, to choose a coffin which they feel would be appropriate for their loved one.

Reposing and Removal

Removals can take place from our Funeral Home, or from the deceased’s residence, or a hospital/nursing home. Our Funeral Home is fully equipped to deal with all removals and can be opened to the public at a time of your choosing, or kept private. Alternatively you can choose to have the wake at home, which we can facilitate, by preparing the deceased at our Funeral Home, and then transferring the deceased, to the residence, where they repose until removal.

The resting place of the deceased/cremation

In the event of a family grave existing it can be used, subject to identification of the plot and permission to open. A grave may not be opened unless ownership can be proven. If a new grave is required, we can arrange this with the cemetery, graveyard or Church authorities. Cremation which can also be arranged is becoming increasingly common in Ireland. We have a range of Cremation urns in our showroom.


Kiely Funeral Directors have years of experience in dealing with the complexity of a death occurring overseas and the task of returning the deceased home to Ireland. We also have experience in repatriating someone who has died in Ireland back to their country of origin. This will involve co-ordination of documents from coroners, embassies and airlines.

Announcements for radio/newspapers + online

Most families choose to have a death notice broadcast on the local radio and or published in the newspapers. Each radio station/newspaper has their own style for death notices, and we will plan the wording of the notices in accordance with the wishes of the family, and within the radio/newspapers guidelines. In recent years online notices have become increasingly popular. These will also be arranged by us.

Funeral Music/Soloists

Musicians may be booked for church services. The usual preference is for an organist and/or soloist to sing appropriate hymns during the service. Some parishes have a choir which will be available for Funeral Masses.

Floral Tributes

A wide range of floral tributes can be ordered from local florists. They can range from a simple red/white rose to more elaborate wreaths.